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The Collection “Rituals with Masks” is literary collection by Progestur*, edited in Portuguese and English, providing a strong informational and cultural component, about the Portuguese festivities that involve the use of the mask and its rituals. In addition to the dissemination of the cultural, material and immaterial heritage of the municipalities involved, this collection also highlights the importance of these regions and populations regarding the guarantee and perpetuation of these cultural traditions as part of their identity.
The collection presents, remember, describes and allows the reader to “live” these festive practices of the masks, cherishing its components, such as ancestral customs, rites, and traditions, and combining the knowledge with the promotion of tourist routes that enhance the regions involved in the project.
Each volume of the collection will have, besides the description of each celebration and explanation about its origin, meaning and symbolism, ten pages dedicated to the promotion of the region of the festivity presented. This information can function as a tourist itinerary that, not only tells the story of the most traditional celebrations and their masks, but it also makes possible the dissemination and promotion of the tourist offer of the municipalities involved.
ethiCollective presents you the 7 titles of this collection which are edited in 2018, being that the launching of 4 new titles is expected soon.
*PROGESTUR is a non-profit cultural association whose motto is based on the “affirmation of the Portuguese cultural identity”. Founded in 2003, it has since dedicated its work to what of most genuine and authentic exists in Portuguese culture, operating in its registration, promotion and dissemination.