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Photography is not my passion, but people around me vitalize and enliven the photographer in me. The medium takes me close to the people and their vivacity, which I try to paint through my lens. Beyond observing people in their mundane life, I fondly fantasize their subtle expressions and gestures and body language. I tend to narrate their bodily communication through my images.
One close-up shot of a Narikuravar,a Gypsy girl made me a portrait photographer.
I saw woven stories and unsaid emotions through the eternal human eyes. The rich skin tone, locks of hair, arched brows and the blossoming smile in the corner of the lips make me go wild.
When portraits became my cup of tea, I realized the pattern of my subjects revolved around folklore and the indigenous culture of tribes and gypsies. I see their festivals, celebrations, and art practices as my own reflection. Their lives extremely opulent and illustrious compel me to capture, communicate and archive them through my photographs. Hence I prefer staging these rich personalities unconnecting them from their environment and connecting precisely to the viewer’s soul.
Known as Sarathi Thamodaran to my world I live in Tirunelveli District, aspiring to travel the length and breadth of my land, Tamil Nadu, and the other states of South India to purely portray my people.