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Born in Lisbon, Lisa Vaz took an early taste for traveling, first with her parents and later, independently. After travelling extensively to culturally closer countries, and visiting some global reference cities such as New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong, she began to develop a special predilection for remote places where Nature remains untouched. Following her passion, she has visited over 55 countries, especially in Asia and in the Americas. She has also fulfilled one of her greatest dreams, to travel to Antarctica, a memorable experience she will cherish forever. Lisa highlights the enchantment that she felt in Patagonia or in the Himalayas, extraordinary places of this Planet. She reconciles, quite naturally, her love of Nature, with her attraction for the culture, history and people of the places she visits. Allied to her passion for travel and adventure, blossomed another not less important passion, photography. In photography, Lisa finds nourishment for her traveler's soul, capturing unrepeatable moments. Her motivation lies in her incessant curiosity about the World, its Peoples and the moments she encounters in her journeys. Like herself, the subjects of Lisa´s Travel Photography are eclectic: from Landscape to Portrait, Street Photography to Art. Everything is a source of fascination and discovery. And her bucket list keeps growing … In 2015 she inaugurated her first Travel Photography exhibition in Lisbon, "Other Places“ - with images from Antarctica, Mongolia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia and China. Two years later , in 2017, she dedicates a second exhibition to the “Peoples of the World” with an extensive collection of Portraits. Her own private homage to the people she encounters in her journeys and that indelibly leave a mark on her. In this exhibition the focus were the Peoples of Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, China and Peru . Lisa´s work has received some public recognition across borders, highlighting, among others, the Sony World Photography Awards of 2014, in 2016 the first place in the contest "The World in Focus" and in 2017 also the first place in the contest "The Great Outdoors", both organized by the prestigious American photography publication, Photo District News (NY). In 2017 she was also invited to join a selection of 16 Photographers representing Portugal in the World Photography Cup, in the category "Nature / Landscape", which is still taking place in 2018.