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Emma Harang is a French photographer based in West Africa and currently living in Lomé, Togo.

Emma defines herself as a “lucky late bloomer” – she started photography only a few years ago – and as a “Daily Life Photographer”. She is fascinated by the poetry disseminated in African cities, beyond the apparent hostility of their rough and crowded environment, and she is attracted by the beauty of simple things. With a great empathy and no mockery, her eyes wide open, she captures scenes that are at once banal and poetic, or sometimes totally unusual or surprising. She hunts the charm hidden in the city such as a stall curtain flowing in the wind, a few kids playing when school is over, or the vestiges of a relinquished old house. Her pictures also show a certain sweetness, both in their colors and composition: the viewer can feel the warmth of the sunny rays, be touched by the tenderness of a gesture or kindly laugh at the humor of some situations. In her family, she represents the third generation of Africa lovers (her grand-parents and parents spent their whole life working in West and East Africa). Her approach of photography contains a touch of nostalgia and love for vintage exotic places, somehow refusing the fast growth of globalization that sweeps away local cultural particularities. Besides photography, Emma Harang works on child protection issues in various cooperation projects and she is committed to fight problems faced by the people she is working for. That can explain why she now wishes to go forward on documentary photography projects, willing to become a dedicated witness of social issues and changes on the African continent while continuing to illustrate its infinite beauty. Her work was shown for the first time in September 2017 during the Tchale Lekema Urban Art Festival, that organized a photo contest for 10 pre-selected photographers who were asked to illustrate their vision of the Togolese capital city. In December 2017, she also took part in an exhibition/sale event at the Hotel Onomo Lomé.