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Claire Beilvert is a photographer and documentary producer. For more than 15 years she has been devoting herself to long-term projects.

Exile is the main theme of her work.

She spent several years in Myanmar investigating the Karen war of rebellion against the military junta and in China investigating North Korean women fleeing the dictatorship and attempting to reach Seoul. For two years she followed African refugees heading to Europe through the Ténéré desert and war-ridden Libya.

'Les Aventuriers' (The Explorers), a work on African refugees, has been exhibited at galleries such as the Aiguillage in Paris.

Claire regularly collaborates with Doctors Without Borders, IOM, the International Red Cross and with various newspapers and online publications.

In 2004, she and the film-maker Alexandre Dereims created Première Nouvelle Productions, a production company whose documentaries have won many awards, including the Albert Londres Prize and the International Committee of the Red Cross Award for a documentary about the Karen people in Myanmar: "A secret genocide".

«Jarawas» is her latest work.