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Dima Rabik is a self-taught artist, born in St. Petersburg, Russia. After an unpredictable journey to the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, Rabik felt his creative awareness to ascend and allow him to connect the East and the West in a harmonious and fluid way. In his work, new and accessible stories that touched a mystical whirlwind, began then to manifest and it was at this moment that Rabik initiated his studies about folklore, Vedic texts, Hinduism, the Quran (from the perspective of Sufism), Christian Heysham, Tibetan Buddhism (Dzogchen) and modern philosophers. Based on a deep understanding of these topics, Rabik focused on studies about the art of metamorphosis. Subjects such as multiculturalism and the artistic heritage of the different people of the world become very important to him by then. Through his artistic assemblages Rabik channels his deep-rooted interest in Eastern esoterism and draws attention to ideas that extend beyond his artworks. His art is loaded with different sacred significances, which aim to create a positive message. Conscient and aware of sustainability’s importance, Rabik has an ecological approach for his artworks, using almost exclusively handmade recycled paper. It is through the use of carefully selected materials that Rabik’s successfully achieves the artistic aesthetic of the ancient masters of India and Persia. The balance between eclectic influences and cultural motifs at his work is indicative of his creative impetus, and intellectual curiosity, uninhibited by a vast cultural perspective. His artworks resonate deeply a nostalgia for the medieval, echoing a return to the manuscript form and to the meticulous. Rabik sees his work as a tribalized, fragmented and nomadic, and within the developmental stages of instant, a place where all cultures happen at once.