P. Art. S. woods edition

The history of mankind intertwines endlessly and undeniably with the act of disguise, which ensures to the mask, since ever, to be one of the most basic and recognizable forms in all its immense varieties.
Wearing a mask can be a light or a significant act. It can serve only to give the final touch to a playful moment or to be the vital detail that completes a sacred vest that will evoque the divine. Whether for its cultural importance, artistic excellence or spiritual ability, it is only through human interaction that the mask actually gains life.
A mask allows to those who use it freedom and anonymity, a space to explore the depths of the being and even to serve as a catalyst for the spontaneous rise of alter egos. A mask is an invitation to reaffirm, assume, protect, create or hide an identity.

For its 2nd edition, P.Art.S. has invited about 30 contemporary artists from 16 different nationalities to recontextualize and reimagine the role of the mask in our days. Through painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video, illustration, origami, animation and installation, each artist will integrate his personal influences in this collective and multidisciplinary exhibition, which will be open to the public between May 16 and 19 in Belém, Lisbon, within the framework of 14th edition of FIMI (Iberian Mask International Festival).
P.Art.S. woods edition
Curated by Fern and ethiCollective

FIMI | Iberian Mask International Festival
16 a 19 may 2019, Praça do Império, Belém, Lisbon

Invited artists:
Alexander Ikhide UK | Aurore Helpert vs FLØW France | Curry by Yen Sung Portugal | Dino Alves Portugal| Ehsan Mirhoseyni Iran | Folly Koumouganh Togo | FORM – A Portugal | Francisco Peres Portugal | Hugo Oliveira Portugal | Ideota Portugal | Jhon Douglas Brasil | João Charrua Portugal | João Maria Ferreira Portugal | Joana Pincha Portugal | Kanika Sethi India | LECH Puerto Rico |
Mané Pacheco Portugal | Miguel Flor Portugal | Miguel Moreira e Silva Portugal | Naná Benjamin Portugal | Nicolae Negura Romenia | Pathos Spain | Piedade Gonçalo Portugal | Rita Só Portugal | Rui Pina Portugal | Sarathi Thamodaran India | ULÉ Germany | Yellow Man vs Dirty Spain
Video Art:
Gabriela Lima Brasil | Edwin Lee Hong Kong | Fern Portugal | Jeff Way US | Metamorphosis Dance Spain by Johnathan Molina México| Pawel Nazaruk and Tomas Adamski Poland for Compass Light US | Patrick Smith US