Intendente | Rui Pina

“At a time when historic and traditional neighbourhoods are increasingly filled with tourists and increasingly empty of residents, where the characteristic identity of each street, intimately linked to those who lived there for a lifetime, is lost to people passing by, we want to honour those who persist in these neighbourhoods.
The Bairro photographic series wants to contribute to reinforce the common identity of these residents, portraying them in their daily experiences, elevating, through images, their sense of community, their cultural and human traditions.
It is them, through their perceptions and practices, that continue to define and to give a soul to the neighbourhoods. They are those who allow to these territories of faint and diffuse borders a humanized daily life, an affective dimension that is also extended to those only passing by.”

Part I / Intendente, Lisbon
Photography and Dj Set: Rui Pina aka Expeão (OFFICIAL)
Curatorial, Text and Production by ethiCollective
in colaboration with: LARGO Café Estúdio