02.06 a 28.06 2018


“Long time ago, the Konyak warriors have set aside their spears and embraced peace, but the stories about their ferocious past continue to haunt the imagination of photographers and storytellers all over the world. Between 2015 and 2016, Fanil Pandya went to meet this tribal clan, documenting in images their proud elders and last survivors of a barbarian legacy that, for centuries, survived under the protection of the inaccessible hills of Nagaland.
Through the photographic series “Headhunters”, Fanil Pandya allows us an unforgettable glimpse to the extraordinary past of a community on the verge of extinction and to one of its most important traditions: the practice of human head-hunting. ”

Isabel Braz | ethiCollective | 2018

Fanil Pandya (1984, Hyderabad, India).
Using photography as an art form, Fanil Pandya began his journey as a photographer through the documentation of images of cultures, tribes, traditions and customs on the brink of extinction. His photographic work has been presented on several occasions and has been published by National Geographic India, Outlook Traveler and Times of India. In 2017 he was selected to participate in the legendary Eddie Adams Workshop (New York), one of the most prestigious photojournalism programs for emerging photographers. In November 2017, Pandya participated in the collective exhibition “50:50” (curated by John ML) at the Birla Academy of Arts and Culture in Calcutta, India, where he exhibited alongside renowned photographers such as Waswo x Waswo and Abul Kalam Azad, among others.

“Headhunters” photographic series is an attempt by Pandya to visually narrate the stories of the last Konyak headhunters still alive. It was exhibited in New Delhi (Egg Art Studio), Mumbai (PL Deshpande Kala Academy), Ahmedabad (Amdavad ni Guffa), Vadodara (Fine Arts Faculty, MS University) in Hyderabad at the very prestigious Indian Photo Festival, and in Lisbon at Espaço Exibicionista, in October 2017, invited by Isabel Braz. “Headhunters” returns now to Portugal, to Porto, for an exhibition at Espiga, curated by Isabel Braz (ethiCollective).

ESPIGA (Espaço de Imaginação Gosto e Artes)

Rua Clemente Menéres 65A

4050-202 Porto, Portugal

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