étitude | bazaar and gallery

étitude is a bazaar and an art gallery, with unique pieces and exceptional works from all over the world. From documental photography to contemporary art, anthropological books to fashion design, vintage pieces to tribal talent, étitude aims to be a space where culture and creativity meet. A place with an ethical attitude that wishes to […]

Intendente | Rui Pina

“At a time when historic and traditional neighbourhoods are increasingly filled with tourists and increasingly empty of residents, where the characteristic identity of each street, intimately linked to those who lived there for a lifetime, is lost to people passing by, we want to honour those who persist in these neighbourhoods.The Bairro photographic series wants […]

P. Art. S

A P. Art. S (People, Art, Sustainability) é uma galeria Pop Up que pretende fomentar a criatividade e o intercâmbio cultural, incentivando o diálogo e a liberdade de expressão. Na P. Art. S aceitamos a arte enquanto comportamento humano e celebramos as capacidades criativas de indivíduos e de comunidades através da divulgação e promoção do seu trabalho. Focamo-nos […]


02.06 a 28.06 2018 ESPIGA / PORTO “Long time ago, the Konyak warriors have set aside their spears and embraced peace, but the stories about their ferocious past continue to haunt the imagination of photographers and storytellers all over the world. Between 2015 and 2016, Fanil Pandya went to meet this tribal clan, documenting in […]