Children of the Sea | Sibomana

In January 2017, the Explora Museum, the Children’s Museum in Rome, asked Sibomana to develop an exhibition on imigration. From this request resulted the solo exhibition “Children of the Sea” which focuses on the faces of ten children who have been accommodated in an asylum seeker centre in the outskirts of Rome. This work is Sibomana’s tribute to all refugee children and is on permanent display at the Explora Museum. Between 25.10.2019 and 25.11.2019 ethiCollective e Mà Lìngua bring some of the works of “Children of the Sea” to Lisbon through a homonymous exhibition that also features pieces from other Sibomana series, such as “Waves of the Heroes” and “One Face”.

Sibomana (1986) is an Italian-Belgian artist based in Rome, Italy. He works in various countries, most often on the streets, through mural works that draw attention to the issue of immigration and refugees. The message of his works is clear: to educate people about the integration between different cultures. His numerous works of art can be seen in Belgium, DR Congo, Rwanda, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Germany and the United Kingdom.

ethiCollective is an International Artistic Platform and Collective founded in 2017, based in Lisbon, Portugal, which currently brings together the work of over 20 artists and artisans including photographers, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and tribal artists.

Art Exhibition
25.10.2019 to 25.11.2019

OPENING: 25.10.2019, from 7 to 10pm

Má Língua
Rua da Senhora do monte 1C
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