Our history

ethiCollective began to be designed in 2013, in Shanghai, and was officially registered as a brand in 2017, in Lisbon. For four years we have built the concept of ethiCollective on the fundamental idea that it is possible to promote positive social and environmental changes. In the same way, we are certain that these changes can be very significant for all. To achieve them, it is only necessary to begin by renewing our habits of consumption, turning them into conscious acts. In fact, ethiCollective was born out of awareness, of witnessing and experiencing, of journeys all around the world, of the sharing of ideas, of debate and personal transformation. It was born, as well, of the unavoidable recognition of the ethical values that mankind is currently lacking: the advance of pollution, the massive destruction of the environment, the extinction of tribal societies, the dissipation of artisanal work and of small local businesses .In these 4 years, we got involved with some of these tribal societies and with some of these small producers, attesting the impact that the sale of their art and artisanal products has in their communities. We got involved with photographers and artists committed with social and environmental causes, dedicated to reveal disappearing peoples, cultures and landscapes and what our world has of best and most disturbing.

We have returned to Portugal to dedicate ourselves to this project, a project that aims to support new ideas and to preserve secular cultures and practices, that wish to keep themselves in balance with Nature. A project that wants to innovate and learn. We appealed to the participation of artisans, traditional and contemporary artists, photographers and entrepreneurs and we have created a Collective of conscious people who share the same values and ethical sense. We will continue to grow, accepting new challenges and proposals, always believing in collaboration.
Ethics means many different things, but our approach to the term is simple – we want to offer quality, diversity, culture and innovation through sustainable products that harmonize with the planet and with people, in a fair and dignified way. All our products have a history. All our art has something to say.
We want to enrich the lives of those who choose our products and of those who create and produce them. This is our incentive.
We invite you to travel with us in the creativity of the human spirit through our collection of art and products from all over the world.
Thank you very much
Isabel and Miguel